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Why Choose Coolight

1. Rich experience in R&D and LED lighting production
Coolight has 7 years experience in trusted LED lighting business, and 5 years experience in manufacturing LED lighting products. The founder of the company has over 10 years experience in LED industry.

All members of our R&D team are well educated, and they have 3 to 7 years experience. The team leader has 10 years of experience in LED lighting products and LED driver design.

In the past year, Coolight has done a lot of work on OEM of LED lighting and LED strip lighting. We have gained a lot of valuable OEM experience.

2. Strict R&D control and testing
All our prototype samples, pilot production samples and mass production samples have to pass strict testing, and then the next step is allowed to be taken.

The testing includes the following items:
a. Hi-pot safety testing according to CE standard IEC-60598,
b. Sample fall-down testing,
c. Case and solder-point temperature testing after 4 hours working under 25℃,
d. Turn-on and Turn-off testing for at least 10000 cycles,
e. +50℃, 85%RH high temperature start over testing and aging testing,
f. -20℃ low temperature start testing and aging testing,

3. Strict supply chain quality control and manufacturing quality control
Coolight has a very strict quality control system both for our factory and for our supplier to avoid big quality problem. We only work with reputable suppliers.

The production schedule and processes are monitored by the latest ERP system, with the help of our total quality management method and 7S Scene management method. In 2012, Coolight was awarded ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification.

4. Service and support based on long-term cooperation
We believe that win-win business is the only access to long-term cooperation. We hope to build long-term cooperative relationships and grow up together with our customers. Coolight sales team will try to provide our customers with both quick response and powerful support.

Main Products
    1. LED Tube Light Our LED lighting system is manufactured using high-quality raw materials. The heat sink is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. This contributes to long lifespan of the LED light. In fact, our product lasts 10 times longer than traditional lights.
    1. LED Bulb LampThe LED bulb lamp is an interior LED light, featuring easy installation, low power consumption, and high-efficiency light output. With aluminum extruded heat sink and high efficiency constant current driver, this LED product achieves great heat dissipation and works stably for a long time.