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Research and Development Equipment

Our R & D equipment includes 4 automatic SMT machines, 2 reflow soldering machines, 2 high and low-temperature test machines, 2 automatic rejection machines and 6 production lines. These machines make it possible for us to offer customers high-quality LED lighting with fast delivery.

Our R & D department consists of 3 different parts. One part takes charge of developing LED power supply. Another part is responsible for the appearance design of the product, and the other part is to estimate the whole product. All of our R & D staff has 3 to 5 years of experience in the LED lighting product research field. This also helps us always supply premium LED lights to our customers. In addition, our well-experienced salesmen can communicate well with our customers. They are capable of recommending suitable LED lighting products and also answering all questions professionally.

Other Products
    1. 7W Round LED Panel Light, 145mmBy adoption of advanced backlight technology, this circular LED panel does not flicker, and has no RF interference and UV radiation problems. With professional heat sink design and proprietary aluminum and acrylic housing design, it achieves good heat dissipation.
    1. 11W Round LED Panel Light, 180mmThe 11W round LED panel light is an edge-lit panel product that provides bright, soft and comfortable illumination. Using premium SMD LED as the light source, it consumes over 80 % less electricity than conventional fluorescent lamps.