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Quality Control System

1. Our company has received ISO9000:2008 quality management system certificate and operates in strict accordance with the requirements of this system.

2. As a reputable LED lights maker, we only work with renowned suppliers in the industry, which provide qualified raw materials to us. To ensure the consistent quality of our LED lights, we establish long term relationships with our carefully selected suppliers. We will weed out them if there is no good reason.

3. We implement ERP management system, which helps us to effectively manage procedures and resources.

4. We provide both pre-work training and on-the-job training for our employees, so as to improve their skills and competency.

5. Each week we hold a meeting to solve all problems that occurred.

6. We conduct quality inspections throughout production. The qualification rate of our LED luminaires reaches over 99%.

Other Products
    1. 31W LED Panel Light, 1196x296mmThanks to the use of aluminum alloy material for good heat dissipation, our product has low surface temperature and long lifespan of over 30,000 hours. This means the LED light can last for years without replacement.
    1. 7W Round LED Panel Light, 145mmBy adoption of advanced backlight technology, this circular LED panel does not flicker, and has no RF interference and UV radiation problems. With professional heat sink design and proprietary aluminum and acrylic housing design, it achieves good heat dissipation.