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    1. 7W Round LED Panel Light, 145mmBy adoption of advanced backlight technology, this circular LED panel does not flicker, and has no RF interference and UV radiation problems. With professional heat sink design and proprietary aluminum and acrylic housing design, it achieves good heat dissipation.
    1. 11W Round LED Panel Light, 180mmThe 11W round LED panel light is an edge-lit panel product that provides bright, soft and comfortable illumination. Using premium SMD LED as the light source, it consumes over 80 % less electricity than conventional fluorescent lamps.
    1. 16W Round LED Panel Light, 240mmConstant current driver and aluminum heat sink help effectively increase the lifespan of our product. In fact, our lamp has a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours.
      Containing no lead and mercury, our product also causes no UV radiation, no heat radiation and no noise.
    1. 19W Round LED Panel Light, 300mmDue to its ultra slim design, this product is only 13mm thick and very lightweight, which greatly facilitates installation and transportation. Both recessed and surface-mounted LED panels are available.
    1. 11W LED Panel Light, 180x180mmThe 180x180mm 11W LED panel light provides low power consumption by utilizing 3528 SMD LEDs as light source. With this product, users can save up to 80% energy. Containing no hazardous substances like mercury or lead, this kind of ceiling light is environmentally friendly.
    1. Square LED Panel Light, 240x240mmAs a kind of LED ceiling panel, this product is known for many great features, such as instant start, high brightness, no flicker, no noise, no glare as well as no radio interference. In addition, it emits no ultraviolet, infrared, and little unwanted heat.
    1. 15W LED Panel Light, 296x296mm Using super bright LED as the light source, this product offers high brightness while consuming less electric power. In addition, it adopts low voltage constant current driver, which is safe and energy-saving.
      Our LED lamp has a lifespan which is 8 times longer than that of fluorescent fixtures. This enables users to save on replacement costs.
    1. 25W LED Panel Light, 596x296mmOur product adopts a low-voltage constant current driver, which is reliable, safe and energy-efficient. In addition, the commercial LED lighting creates harmonious and uniform light. All of this makes our LED panel light a preferred choice to replace conventional grid lights and fluorescent tubes.
    1. Square 31W LED Panel Light, 596x596mmIn addition, this LED luminaire provides instant start and also eliminates electrical shock. It has no flicker, no noise as well as no radio interference. Thanks to the professional circuit design, every light-emitting diode works independently, and the failure of one LED will cause no influence on others.
    1. 45W Square LED Flat Panel Light, 596x596mmOur product is also convenient to install. Recessed mounting and hanging mounting options are available. This product is now widely used in a variety of commercial lighting, office lighting, residential lighting and cabinet lighting applications.
    1. 31W Square LED Panel Light, 616x616mmThis product has no pollution, no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, and no frequent flash, providing people with more scientific and healthy lighting environment. Today, the LED light is extensively used in museum, art gallery, library, cosmetic shop, jewelry shop and other places for lighting certain articles.
    1. 45W LED Panel Light, 616x616mm With simple dynamic control on brightness and color, our product can act as decorative lighting to fully satisfy the market requirement for high quality indoor decoration atmosphere, which the traditional lighting products can hardly meet.
    1. 31W LED Panel Light, 1196x296mmThanks to the use of aluminum alloy material for good heat dissipation, our product has low surface temperature and long lifespan of over 30,000 hours. This means the LED light can last for years without replacement.
    1. 9W T8 LED Tube Light, 0.6mThis kind of LED tube lighting consumes 80% less power than a traditional fluorescent tube. It starts up instantly. Additionally, it offers the advantages of long lifespan, low maintenance cost, and no flicker or humming. Transparent and milky cover options are available.
    1. 18W T8 LED Tube Light, 1.2mThis product offers high luminous efficacy. As a mercury-free lighting, it causes no UV radiation, thus providing environmental protection. The light is soft and pure. It is also safe for human eyes.
    1. 23W T8 LED Tube Light, 1.5m The 1.5m 23W T8 LED tube light is a kind of LED lighting system manufactured on basis of the latest technologies. Due to instant startup function and high energy efficiency, it uses 70% to 80% less electricity than conventional fluorescent lamps. Customers can use the lighting tube to replace a 65W T8 fluorescent tube.
    1. GU10-E27 LED Spot Light 3x1W In addition, its specially designed aluminum alloy housing ensures good thermal property, and its aluminum body is resistant to both shock and vibration. The spotlight is also easy to install with existing socket.
    1. GU10-E27 LED Spot Light 4X1W In addition, this LED light is environmentally friendly as it produces no ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation. Also, it does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
      This product can work over a wide voltage range from 100 to 240 VAC, so it is fit for most countries in the world. With standard snail mouth, our LED spot light is directly interchangeable with conventional lights.
    1. MR16 LED Spot Light 3x1WThe MR16 LED spot light is internally installed with EPISTAR LEDs. It also uses pure aluminum housing with high transparent PMMA lens. Ceramic socket of the LED light bulb is adopted for superior insulation and heat dissipation.
    1. MR16 LED Spot Light 4X1WIn addition, the product provides three view angles, including 20º, 32º and 40º. It generates a temperature of less than 85°C, which is far lower than the temperature that a traditional halogen spot light generates, usually over 130°C.
    1. 7W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp This E27 LED bulb has a lifespan which is over 20 times longer than that of a conventional light bulb. It also lights up quickly and requires extremely low maintenance cost.
      A constant current driver is used for powering LED light source, which helps eliminate light output variation. Without lead or mercury, our LED lamp is environmentally friendly.
    1. 9W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp The 9W LED bulb lamp is an indoor lighting made in compliance with E27, E26, and B22 standards. The 9W LED bulb offers many key features, such as low maintenance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, no glare, no strobe light, and no RF interference.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible Strip Light 30LED Per MeterThis product emits bright light and has a long lifespan up to 100,000 hours. Additionally, it can be easily installed with glues or nails. The LED strip light is environmentally friendly, which offers low power consumption, no radiation, no flicker and no pollution to the environment.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip 60LED Per Meter The SMD 3528 flexible LED strip with 60 LEDs per meter is soft, flexible and ultra thin. There is a cutting mark every three LEDs. Typical features of the LED lighting system include high energy efficiency, strong shock resistance, pure brightness, no radiation, compact size and easy installation.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip Light 96LED Per MeterThe SMD 3528 flexible LED strip light is a type of low-voltage decorative lighting product with 96 LEDs per meter. Its SMD LEDs are mounted on the surface of a flexible PCB. They are coated with a transparent rubber pipe or covered with a special resin.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip Light 120LED Per Meter The SMD 3528 flexible LED strip light uses high-quality, single-color SMD 3528 LEDs as the source of light. It contains a total of 120 LEDs per meter. Designed with a cutting mark every three LEDs, this LED strip kit can be cut in line with the actual needs of customers.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip Light 240LED Per MeterThis product is used in homes, hotels, stores, yachts, bars, automobiles, etc. It is perfect for decorative lighting, like cove lighting and back lighting.
      If you want to change conventional illumination for reduced heat output, our product is a good choice.
    1. SMD 3528 Mixed Color Flexible LED Strip Light It is suitable for architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting, advertisement sign lighting, emergency or security lighting applications.
      The flexible LED strip light is the decorative light of choice for holidays, events, and show exhibitions.
    1. 5050 RGB Flexible LED Strip Light 30LED Per MeterIn addition, this product is commonly used for architectural decorative lighting, archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, security and emergency lighting applications.
      It is also suitable for automobile or airplane model decoration, contour lighting, backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting and advertisement sign lighting applications.
    1. SMD 5050 Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light 30LED Per MeterThe LED strip light is a single-color flexible striplight with 30 LEDs per meter. It uses high-brightness SMD5050 LEDs as light source. It also adopts a qualified heat-resistant printed circuit board (PCB). This product is available in colors like red, green, blue, yellow, white and warm white, emitting even and brilliant color light.
    1. SMD 5050 RGB Flexible LED Strip Light 60LED Per meter It is installed with 60LED per meter. Due to its well-distributed light, this product can effectively avoid the phenomenon of uneven illumination. It delivers low power consumption and high brightness while running at low temperature.
    1. SMD 5050 Single Color Flexible LED Light Strip 60LED Per Meter This product offers multiple advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption, low heat generation, and long lifespan of over 50,000 hours. As the product achieves uniform-distributed light, no uneven illumination problem is caused.
    1. SMD 5050 Mixed Color Flexible LED Light Strip Our flexible LED light strip delivers low power consumption, high brightness while running with low temperature. All the light is well spread to guarantee uniform illumination. In spite of a continuous length, this product is cuttable every three LEDs along a cutting mark, without damaging the rest of the strip.
    1. RGB LED Controller A color wheel is adopted to realize easy remote operation with RF (Radio Frequency) system. When the color wheel works, customers can easily select their desired colors by touching it with their fingers. In addition, the lighting controls have memory function, so there is no need to worry about power outages.
    1. Mixed Color LED Controller This remote control has a touch screen color wheel, allowing customers to realize easy remote operation with RF (Radio Frequency) system. Our clients can touch the color wheel with fingers to select any mixed color temperature or brightness they like.
    1. Digital Chasing RGB ControllerThe digital chasing RGB controller is perfect for the control of digital color chasing RGB LED strips. As a remote control unit, it can realize easy remote operation with RF (Radio Frequency) system. With RGB controls, RGB LED strips can offer 83 different color changing patterns.
    1. RF RGB Controller Parameters
      Dimension: 89x70x28 mm
      Input voltage: 12 V DC
      Output: three COMS output
      Output current: 4A for each color ...
    1. RGB LED Light DimmerParameters
      Input Voltage: 12 V DC
      Output: 3 channels
      Dimension: 130x40x52 mm
      Static power consumption: < 1 W
      Output current: 4 A each channel ...
    1. RGB LED AmplifierParameters
      Supply voltage: 12 V
      Output: 3 channels
      Connection mode: common anode
      Output current: 4 A each channel...
    1. RF LED Light Dimmer Parameters
      Dimension: 65x37x22 mm
      Input voltage: 12 V DC
      Max. output current: 8 A
      Max. output power: 12 V 96 W ...
    1. LED Light DimmerParameters
      Input voltage: 12 V DC
      Dimension: 72x38x26 mm
      Static power consumption: <1 W
      Max. output current: 8 A
      Max. output power: 96 W ...
    1. Panel LED Light DimmerParameters
      Input voltage: 12 V DC
      Output: 1 channel
      Dimension: 86x86x62 mm
      Output current: 8 A ...

As a specialized LED light manufacturer, our company provides a wide range of products, including LED panel light, LED tube light, LED spotlight, LED bulb lamp, flexible LED strip light, and more. In addition, we continually create new types of products and can produce LED lamps in line with the special requirements of customers.

Due to low power consumption, high brightness and environmental friendliness, our products have been used for a variety of commercial lighting, residential lighting and decorative lighting applications. Typically, they are used to replace incandescent and halogen bulbs for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, exhibition halls, hotels, counters, bars, celebration places as well as museums, art galleries and showcases where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.