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1. What are the best selling products in Coolight?
LED panel light, LED strip light, LED spotlight, and LED bulb

2. What is the main market for Coolight?
We are selling more to Europe market, because the market has high quality standards for LED products. The Europe market stands our turnover up to more than 65%.

For other new increasing areas like South-east Asia and Latin America, our sales amount has been keeping increasing quickly since 2012.

3. What LEDs do you usually use for your LED products?
For the 0.1w, 0.2w, 0.5w, 1w SMD LED components, we mainly work with reputable companies like Refond (www.refond.com), Brightek (www.brightekled.com), and some from Samsung LED (www.sumsungled.com).

For the multi-chip COB LED, we cooperate with Sharp (www.sharpleds.com) and Bridgelux (www.bridgelux.com).

4. How long is Coolight lead time?
Usually we shipped the order in 2-3 weeks. However, it will take a little longer if we have heavy burden of production task. It also takes more time for special customized products.

5. Does Coolight have ability to do OEM products?
In the past year, Coolight has gained a lot of work on OEM of LED lighting and LED strip lighting. Thanks to these works, we have obtained lots of valuable OEM experience.

We will still strictly follow the principle that we won't disclose or sell customer's unique designs to any other third party.

6. Does Coolight have the ability to design its own products?
Coolight has an outstanding design and engineering team, our engineers have much experience and knowledge of mechanical, thermal management and electronics. We design LED drivers by ourselves. Our basic principle is to design the LED driver and circuit under CE/EMC/SAA/UL list possibility and long life time reliability.

7. Do you have warranty for Coolight's products?
Yes, we have 2 years warranty for different kinds of products.

8. How to buy Coolight's products?
In most cases, we sell directly to our customers worldwide. However, if you only need small quantity, you can contact and buy from our present customers. In some countries, we have our distributor partners.

You can contact our sales team by writing to sales@coolightled.com or make a call. We will respond with quick service within 12hrs on working days.

Main Products
    1. LED Tube Light Our LED lighting system is manufactured using high-quality raw materials. The heat sink is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. This contributes to long lifespan of the LED light. In fact, our product lasts 10 times longer than traditional lights.
    1. LED Bulb LampThe LED bulb lamp is an interior LED light, featuring easy installation, low power consumption, and high-efficiency light output. With aluminum extruded heat sink and high efficiency constant current driver, this LED product achieves great heat dissipation and works stably for a long time.