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Coolight is an experienced LED light manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including LED panel light, LED tube light, LED spotlight, flexible LED strip light, LED bulb lamp, and much more.

Main Products
    1. LED Bulb LampThe LED bulb lamp is an interior LED light, featuring easy installation, low power consumption, and high-efficiency light output. With aluminum extruded heat sink and high efficiency constant current driver, this LED product achieves great heat dissipation and works stably for a long time.
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip 60LED Per Meter The SMD 3528 flexible LED strip with 60 LEDs per meter is soft, flexible and ultra thin. There is a cutting mark every three LEDs. Typical features of the LED lighting system include high energy efficiency, strong shock resistance, pure brightness, no radiation, compact size and easy installation.