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About Us

Shenzhen Coolight OPT-ELE Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and built factory in 2008. We are a professional manufacturer of indoor LED lighting products, including LED spotlight, LED panel light, LED strip light, LED bulb etc. Our products are widely used for hotel, office, school and shop lighting application.

Currently there are 103 employees and more than 4000sqm production area in Coolight factory located in Shenzhen, China. Our major markets are distributed in Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia. We are selling more to Europe market, because Europe market has high quality standards for LED products. The Europe market accounts for our turnover up to over 65%. Since 2012, our sales amount in new increasing area has been going up quickly.

Shenzhen Coolight OPT-ELE Company is a China-based LED lighting product manufacturer that produces a wide range of LED lights, including LED panel light, LED tube light, LED spotlight, flexible LED strip light, and more. Highly efficient and precise equipment is utilized in the production of our LED lights, such as four automatic SMT machines, two reflow soldering machines, two high and low temperature test machines, two automatic rejection machines and six production lines. In addition, we have established long term relationships with our suppliers, because we believe that trusted suppliers help us to offer reliable quality products to our clients. Therefore, we at Coolight are able to provide high quality LED lamps with fast delivery.

Our R & D department consists of three different parts. One division takes charge of developing LED power supply. The second one is responsible for the appearance design of LED lights, and the third one is to evaluate the whole product. All of our R & D staff has three to five years of experience in the LED lighting research field. They are dedicated to improving product design, quality, and creating new types of LED panel light, LED strip light, LED spot light, and other products for our clients.

Our sales manager, Ms. Mary, who is one of the shareholders of Coolight, has nearly a decade of sales experience in the LED lighting industry. She is a very professional, responsible, and quick-acting person. Under her leadership, our salesmen can communicate well with our customers. They are able to recommend appropriate LED lighting products, and answer clients' questions professionally.

At Coolight, we know each member of our staff plays an integral role in our success. This is why we consistently work to provide employee benefits. We organize outdoor activities for our staff once every two months, e.g., climbing mountains, going to the sea, or going to nearby famous places for a one or two-day trip. Employees who have been with us for over 1 year are given a chance to see the top tourist attractions in China, like Hainan, Guilin, and Zhangjiajie. Those who have worked with us for more than 2 years have an opportunity to travel to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Those who have been with us for over 3 years have an opportunity to travel to Japan or South Korea. This helps strengthen relationships between our employees, and they then are more willing to work when going back, thus providing our clients with better quality services and related products such as LED bulb, LED tube light, and LED controller.

Main Products
    1. Square LED Panel Light, 240x240mmAs a kind of LED ceiling panel, this product is known for many great features, such as instant start, high brightness, no flicker, no noise, no glare as well as no radio interference. In addition, it emits no ultraviolet, infrared, and little unwanted heat..
    1. 15W LED Panel Light, 296x296mm Using super bright LED as the light source, this product offers high brightness while consuming less electric power. In addition, it adopts low voltage constant current driver, which is safe and energy-saving.
      Our LED lamp has a lifespan which is 8 times longer than that of fluorescent fixtures. This enables users to save on replacement costs.