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LED Light Tube

LED Light Tube
Part No. Voltage (V) CCT (K) Length
CLTA-1308-01 5500-6500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-02 AC170-260V OR
4000-4500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-03 2700-3500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-04 5500-6500 590 700 100º 9W 144
CLTA-1308-05 4000-4500 590 680 100º 9W 144
CLTA-1308-06 2700-3500 590 650 100º 9W 144

Coolight is an experienced LED light tube manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as SMD 5050 RGB flexible LED strip light 60LED per meter, LED spotlight, LED tube light, and LED panel light.

Other Products
    1. 31W LED Panel Light, 1196x296mmThanks to the use of aluminum alloy material for good heat dissipation, our product has low surface temperature and long lifespan of over 30,000 hours. This means the LED light can last for years without replacement.
    1. 7W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp This E27 LED bulb has a lifespan which is over 20 times longer than that of a conventional light bulb. It also lights up quickly and requires extremely low maintenance cost.
      A constant current driver is used for powering LED light source, which helps eliminate light output variation. Without lead or mercury, our LED lamp is environmentally friendly.