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Flat LED Panel Light

Flat LED Panel Light
Dimension Lumen Lens
CLPA-0106-01 AC100-240V 5500-6500 Ø145×20 350 110° 7 W
CLPA-0106-02 AC100-240V 4000-4500 Ø145×20 330 110° 7 W
CLPA-0106-03 AC100-240V 2700-3500 Ø145×20 320 110° 7 W

As an experienced flat LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China, Coolight provides a wide range of products that includes LED bulb lamp, MR16 LED spot light 3x1W, square LED panel light, 240x240mm and more.

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      A constant current driver is used for powering LED light source, which helps eliminate light output variation. Without lead or mercury, our LED lamp is environmentally friendly.