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RGB LED Controller

RGB LED Controller

The RGB LED controller is a new generation of RGB control system specially designed for controlling the color change of RGB LED strips. A color wheel is adopted to realize easy remote operation with RF (Radio Frequency) system. When the color wheel works, customers can easily select their desired colors by touching it with their fingers. In addition, the lighting controls have memory function, so there is no need to worry about power outages.

Technical Parameters of RGB LED Controller
Working voltage: DC 12 V / 24 V
Max. output current: 6 A each channel
Max. stand-by current: 10 mA
Working temperature: -20 – 60 ℃
Battery for the remote: 1.5 V*3 AAA (Batteries are not included when delivery)

There are 5 buttons and a color wheel on the remote system. Their functions are listed as follows.
Button 1
Red button: Turn it on and off.

Button 2
Automatic color changing button: Press it to show the automatic color changing modes, and there are 15 color changing modes in total.

Button 3
White and multi-color lighting: Press it to choose white lighting or multi-color lighting, and the color wheel will start working when you select multi-color lighting.

Button 4
Brightness/Speed increase: Press it to increase the brightness or speed, totaling 8 grades.

Button 5
Brightness/Speed decrease: Press it to lower the brightness or speed, totaling 8 grades.

Color wheel: The color wheel of the RGB LED controller is a high-reliability touch inductor, which is only effective for body fingers. When your finger touches the color wheel under multi-color lighting mode, it will make RGB lighting show a corresponding color.

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