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LED Bulb Lamp

    1. 7W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp This E27 LED bulb has a lifespan which is over 20 times longer than that of a conventional light bulb. It also lights up quickly and requires extremely low maintenance cost.
      A constant current driver is used for powering LED light source, which helps eliminate light output variation. Without lead or mercury, our LED lamp is environmentally friendly.
    1. 9W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp The 9W LED bulb lamp is an indoor lighting made in compliance with E27, E26, and B22 standards. The 9W LED bulb offers many key features, such as low maintenance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, no glare, no strobe light, and no RF interference.

The LED bulb lamp is an interior LED light, featuring easy installation, low power consumption, and high-efficiency light output. With aluminum extruded heat sink and high efficiency constant current driver, this LED product achieves great heat dissipation and works stably for a long time.

Our LED bulb lamps are usually used to replace traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. They are easily found in homes, museums, art galleries, showcases, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, exhibition halls, hotels, counters, bars, and celebration places where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.

1. The LED lighting system should not be covered by other heat insulation materials.
2. Before installing or replacing it, please first turn off the power.
3. The product is intended for indoor use only.


As a specialized LED bulb lamp manufacturer and supplier in China, Coolight also offers LED spotlight, LED tube light, flexible LED strip light, and more.

Other Products
    1. SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip Light 96LED Per MeterThe SMD 3528 flexible LED strip light is a type of low-voltage decorative lighting product with 96 LEDs per meter. Its SMD LEDs are mounted on the surface of a flexible PCB. They are coated with a transparent rubber pipe or covered with a special resin.
    1. RGB LED Controller A color wheel is adopted to realize easy remote operation with RF (Radio Frequency) system. When the color wheel works, customers can easily select their desired colors by touching it with their fingers. In addition, the lighting controls have memory function, so there is no need to worry about power outages.