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MR16 LED Spot Light 3x1W

MR16 LED Spot Light 3x1W

1. The MR16 LED spot light is internally installed with EPISTAR LEDs. It also uses pure aluminum housing with high transparent PMMA lens. Ceramic socket of the LED light bulb is adopted for superior insulation and heat dissipation.

2. With proprietary design, our MR16 LED bulb achieves great thermal management and lumen maintenance. The wide voltage and constant current design, as well as over current protection and reversed polarity protection, enables the MR16 spotlight to operate reliably and stably. Conforming to CE and RoHS standards, this LED spot light comes with a 2-year warranty. Therefore, customers can feel secure in purchasing it.

Technical Specifications
Standard color: White: 5500-6500 K
Natural white: 4000-4500 K
Warm white: 2700-3500 K
LED type: 1W power LED
Input voltage: 12 VAC/DC
Dimension: MR 16Ø50×50 mm
Power efficiency: > 80 %
View angle: 20º, 32º, 40º optional
CRI: Ra > 70
Operating temperature: -20 ℃-45 ℃, storage temperature: -30 ℃-60 ℃
Lifetime: 30000 hrs
Certificates: CE, RoHS

Parameters of MR16 LED Spot Lights
Part No. Voltage (V) Power
PF Lumen
CLSA-5303-01 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 260 70 6000 20º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-02 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 240 70 4000 20º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-03 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 3000 20º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-04 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 2700 20º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-05 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 260 70 6000 32º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-06 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 240 70 4000 32º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-07 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 3000 32º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-08 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 2700 32º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-09 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 260 70 6000 40º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-10 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 240 70 4000 40º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-11 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 3000 40º Ø50 ×50
CLSA-5303-12 12VAC/DC 4W 0.7 250 60 2700 40º Ø50 ×50

Product Benefits
1. Our MR16 LED spot light consumes 80% less power than traditional MR16 halogen spot lights.
2. Dimmable and non-dimmable options are available.
3. The lamp delivers high brightness with lumens up to 240-260.
4. It has a long lifespan, which is up to 30, 000 hours, thus reducing the replacement cost of users.
5. Due to the robust design, the spotlight is shock and vibration resistant.
6. By adopting integrated lamp cup and radiator design, our product achieves quick heat dissipation.
7. Containing no hazardous substances, our LED light emits no ultraviolet (UV) rays or radiofrequency (RF) energy.
8. It fits standard GU5.3 base socket and can directly replace the traditional MR16 lights.

    1. Dimension Drawing

We are a MR16 LED spot light 3x1Wmanufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including GU10/ E27 LED spot light 3x1W, GU10/ E27 LED spot light 4X1W, 15W LED panel light, 296x296mm and much more.

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