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LED Tube Light

    1. 9W T8 LED Tube Light, 0.6mThis kind of LED tube lighting consumes 80% less power than a traditional fluorescent tube. It starts up instantly. Additionally, it offers the advantages of long lifespan, low maintenance cost, and no flicker or humming. Transparent and milky cover options are available.
    1. 18W T8 LED Tube Light, 1.2mThis product offers high luminous efficacy. As a mercury-free lighting, it causes no UV radiation, thus providing environmental protection. The light is soft and pure. It is also safe for human eyes.
    1. 23W T8 LED Tube Light, 1.5m The 1.5m 23W T8 LED tube light is a kind of LED lighting system manufactured on basis of the latest technologies. Due to instant startup function and high energy efficiency, it uses 70% to 80% less electricity than conventional fluorescent lamps. Customers can use the lighting tube to replace a 65W T8 fluorescent tube.

1. The LED tube light supplied by us is divided into various types. This type of LED tube is available in different sizes and specifications to meet the varied requirements of our customers.

2. Our LED lighting system is manufactured using high-quality raw materials. The heat sink is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. This contributes to long lifespan of the LED light. In fact, our product lasts 10 times longer than traditional lights.

3. Using LED as the light source, our LED tube light offers many advantages, such as no glare, no flicker, no UV or IR radiation and no noise, thus creating a more comfortable lighting environment. In addition, it is easy-to-maintain and energy-saving. Its power consumption is 1/3 lower than that of traditional lights.

4. As a result, the LED tube lamp is increasingly used in hotels, meeting rooms, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, clubs, underground car parks, building decorative lighting projects and so on.

1.At the end of LED tube lights, match the right plastic accessories to protect the tube tins, and then put them into PE bags.
2. Next, put them into the solid, round tube housings and seal the two ends.
3. Pack 30 pieces of tubes per carton.
4. Finally, tightly seal the carton with the transparent tape.

Coolight is a China LED tube light manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as LED panel light, LED spotlight, LED bulb lamp, flexible LED strip light and more.

Other Products
    1. GU10-E27 LED Spot Light 3x1W In addition, its specially designed aluminum alloy housing ensures good thermal property, and its aluminum body is resistant to both shock and vibration. The spotlight is also easy to install with existing socket.
    1. 7W E27-E26-B22 LED Bulb Lamp This E27 LED bulb has a lifespan which is over 20 times longer than that of a conventional light bulb. It also lights up quickly and requires extremely low maintenance cost.
      A constant current driver is used for powering LED light source, which helps eliminate light output variation. Without lead or mercury, our LED lamp is environmentally friendly.