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9W T8 LED Tube Light, 0.6m

9W T8 LED Tube Light, 0.6m

1. The 0.6m 9W T8 LED tube light is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. It is now used extensively in both commercial lighting and residential lighting applications.

2. This kind of LED tube lighting consumes 80% less power than a traditional fluorescent tube. It starts up instantly. Additionally, it offers the advantages of long lifespan, low maintenance cost, and no flicker or humming. Transparent and milky cover options are available.

Technical Specifications
Standard ColorWhite: 5500-6500 K
Natural white: 4000-4500 K
Warm White: 2700-3500 K
LED Type3528 SMD LED
Input VoltageAC 170-260 V or AC 90-130 V optional
Frequency50-60 Hz
PF (power factor)0.95
Power Efficiency> 90 %
Harmonic Wave< 39
CRIRa > 70
Operating Temperature-20 ℃-45 ℃,
Storage Temperature-30 ℃-60 ℃
Lifetime30000 hrs
CertificatesCE, RoHS
Parameters of 9W T8 LED Tube Lights
Part No. Voltage (V) CCT (K) Length
CLTA-1308-01 5500-6500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-02 AC170-260V OR AC90-130V 4000-4500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-03 2700-3500 590 750 100º 9W 96
CLTA-1308-04 5500-6500 590 700 100º 9W 144
CLTA-1308-05 4000-4500 590 680 100º 9W 144
CLTA-1308-06 2700-3500 590 650 100º 9W 144
    1. Dimensional Drawing
    1. External Structure
    1. Installation Diagram

As an experienced 9W T8 LED tube light, 0.6m manufacturer based in China, Coolight offers a comprehensive range of products that includes 8W T8 LED tube light, 1.2m, 23W T8 LED tube light, 1.5m, MR16 LED spot light 3x1W and more.

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