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Square LED Panel Light, 240x240mm

Square LED Panel Light, 240x240mm

1. The 240x240mm square LED panel light has a simple yet stylish interior. Its color never fades.

2. As a kind of LED ceiling panel, this product is known for many great features, such as instant start, high brightness, no flicker, no noise, no glare as well as no radio interference. In addition, it emits no ultraviolet, infrared, and little unwanted heat. It contains no lead, mercury or other harmful substances, so the square LED panel light is safe to use for both people and environment.

3. The edge lighting, which ensures soft and uniform illumination, is better for eyes. Our product is also an energy-saving lighting as it uses about 65 % less power than traditional grille light.

Technical Specifications
Standard ColorWhite: 5500-6500 K
Natural white: 4000-4500 K
Warm White: 2700-3500 K
Standard Dimension240x240x20 mm
LED Type3528 SMD LED
Input VoltageAC 100-240 V
Thickness12.7 mm
Power Efficiency> 80 %
View Angle110°
Operating Temperature-20℃-45℃,
Storage Temperature-30℃-60℃
Lifetime20000-30000 hrs
CertificatesCE, RoHS

Parameters of Square LED Panel Lights
Part number Voltage (V) CCT (K) Dimension (mm) Lumen Lens angle Power consumption
CLPF- 0113-01 AC100- 240V 5500-6500 240 × 240 × 20 900 110º 16 W
CLPF- 0113-02 AC100- 240V 4000-4500 240 × 240 × 20 880 110º 16 W
CLPF- 0113-03 AC100- 240V 2700-3500 240 × 240 × 20 840 110º 16 W

Customers can expect a reliable, stable and easy to install square LED panel light from our company. Due to the special circuit design, all LEDs work separately without affecting each other. Additionally, the constant current driver can work normally when the voltage is not steady. Designed to replace the traditional ceiling light or grille light, our product provides various mounting options to suit different requirements, like recessed LED panels, suspended LED panels, etc.

    1. Dimensional drawing
    1. Structure
    1. Installation diagram

Coolight is an experienced square LED panel light, 240x240mm manufacturer, based in China. Our products include 15W LED panel light, 296x296mm, LED tube light, SMD 5050 RGB flexible LED strip light 60LED per meter, LED light dimmer, and more.

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